Welcome to my beauty blog. I'm Mateja from a small country in Europe - Slovenia. I started this blog on 21. September 2010 because I've been taking pictures of swatches for years and I was posting them on several different forums. I wanted to gather them in one place and that's how the idea for the blog was born. With time it started to evolve from just posting swatches with short reviews into what it is now. Lipstick is my favourite make up item and therefore the majority of posts feature swatches of them. I also love fragrances and hair care. I'm a really private person and I rarely divulge any personal information, hence the lack of such posts. I just want to focus on giving honest opinions with high quality swatches. I shared more about my blog in this post - The Secrets of Blogging Tag.

Some basics about me

I've been described as an embodiment of Snow White by one of my friends - I'm very pale with dark hair. Queue my annual Snow White look for Pust a.k.a. Slovene Halloween: click me.

Skin tone 
Fair, neutral undertone with freckles. I rarely find a shade of foundation that is light enough, mostly because brands available in Slovenia don't carry the lightest shades or brands don't even bother to do such colours in the first place.

Shades that suit me when I'm pale (NC/W10-15)
(N = Neutral undertone, W = warm a.k.a. yellow undertone, C = cool a.k.a. pink undertone) 

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix original 51 (W)
ESSENCE Stay All Day 20 (C)  (old version)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly (N) (lightest concealer I ever found)

When I'm self-tanning (NC 20-25):
HOLIKA HOLIKA Peach Girl #2 (N) (discontinued)

ESSENCE Match2Cover concealer (N/W)(in this review there is a comparison of most my concealers)  
REVLON Colorstay Concealer 2 Light (W)

My post on mixing foundations - how to get a neutral undertone.

Post on how to determine your undertone

Skin type
Normal/combination. I used to have problems with dry patches, but since have changed up my skin care routine my skin is more balanced.

Hair colour 
Very dark brown. People keep asking me if I dye my hair because it's so dark and I'm so pale, but no, it's actually my natural colour.

Hair type 
Very dry, coarse, frizzy, curly and thick. I always keep it long at about mid back length. It is surprisingly undamaged for such length, or maybe not so surprisingly because I'm a hair junkie and I really take care of it.

Grey with a bit of green and blue, it depends on the light. Also they are hooded. My eyelashes are super stubborn and refuse to hold a curl, so I wear almost exclusively only waterproof mascara - my post on how to curl stubborn and difficult-to-curl lashes.

My makeup preferences
These are the products I tend to use in my regular makeup routine: waterproof mascaras, felt tip eyeliners, neutral eyeshadows, toned down blushes and matte lipsticks.


I used to take pictures with my smartphones - Samsung Galaxy S2 until January 2015, Galaxy S5 until September 2016 and since Olympus PEN E-PL7. You can read more about photography here:
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